A Message from Deacon Santos

Deacon.Jose.FredDear Parish Family,

I write to you and on behalf of my wife Maribel, my daughter Anjelica, and my son A.J. Two years ago, we were transferred to our new parish and we were filled with mixed emotions. “Will they welcome us? Will we accomplish what our Bishop and mostly God wants us to do within five years?” We quickly felt like we were home. I met the most warm and inviting people and took pleasure in sharing the word of God with everyone I met. In so many ways, Saint Maximilian Kolbe Parish taught me to cast the net even farther when it came to my assignment as a deacon and my family even learned to be a bilingual choir. You welcomed me and my family with open arms and I thank you. We shared so much together and became one large family–one large diverse family in the Lord. We praised and worshipped together with the choir who sang beautiful bilingual songs, we celebrated many sacraments, and we connected to share the mission and vision of our Lord Jesus Christ. Together, we have made great strides, but much more needs to be done in fulfilling God’s mission. Although my time here has come to an end, I and my family have had the privilege of being of service to you and we love all of you sincerely. I have been assigned to serve at the Parish of St. Claire of Assisi in Swedesboro, NJ. Please pray for us as we are sent on another journey to humbly and obediently serve God’s people. I want to thank you Monsignor Peter Joyce and your wonderful staff for all of your support, dedication, attention, and receptiveness to our assignment in this parish. I also want to thank the kindness and support of Fr. William Bleiler who served at St. Casimir church with me, Jose and Iluminada Santiago for your undying support and always working so hard for the Lord, Rick Rodriguez for always being at the service of the church, those who served in different ministries, and Bill Powell for helping me with the altar servers and being a great help in Woodbine and Millville. Thank you to the St. Casimir parishioners. You have become our extended family and we certainly enjoyed breaking bread with many of you. You all will forever be in our hearts and prayers. Lastly, I pray that you welcome Fr. Peter Idler who will continue the salvific mission of our Lord and continue to grow the church in the years ahead. My family and I will keep Fr. Idler in our prayers as he enters his new assignment.


May God bless you all,

Deacon Arnaldo, Maribel, Anjelica and A.J. Santos


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