A Report from Raffle Headquarters


Raffle Bin


Update at 5:00 pm on Friday, August 7, 2015…Raffle hit $75,957.00.

 It’s time NOW to ask this question: WHO and HOW MANY OF US are able and willing to make this year’s Parish RAFFLE GOAL come true??? The answer is this: EVERYONE can help!! EVERYONE can join in the fun, EVERYONE can send positive vibes, EVERYONE can spread the word. Here’s what we need to make this $100,000 Goal happen: ready?

Here’s the win/win formula:

To make GOAL we need 2 things:

#1) if you still have not returned your package, turn it in with a check for as many tickets that you can afford without a hardship on your family. Remember – this Parish 50/50 Raffle is a “helping project”. Everyone involved should end up happy with what they’ve DONE and maybe even with what they’ve WON!

#2) to those who have already turned in package(s), if it will not place a hardship on YOU, perhaps you will decide to help even more. Call the office to puchase just 5 more books for $100!! We’ll accept checks or cash.

Remember to invite family and friends to puchase tickets, we still have tickets avaliable in the office and all are welcome to join in the fun of the raffle.

Tickets cost $20 book of five tickets or a whole packet of 5 books (25 tickets) for $100.