A View from the Rectory Window

Copy of HOC Pic Jesus proclaimed that the hopes and expectations of God’s kingdom are already among us. When we look around at all the works of the church today, we can hear the echo of Jesus’ declaration that the call to establish the kingdom is in fact being fulfilled.

The theme of the 2013 House of Charity Bishop’s Annual Appeal, “Filling the Darkness with Light”, recalls for us that when we see the church at work in her ministries of teaching, healing, nurturing and sanctifying, when we see the church manifested in her acts of charity, service and care, we realize that Jesus’ announcement of the kingdom is truly being fulfilled.

Each year, the House of Charity Bishop’s Annual Appeal provides us with the opportunity to reach out to people in our community who are in great need. Brothers and sisters who are without shelter, adequate food, health care and mental health services, those without access to faith based education and those who are ill, imprisoned and dying, depend on our generosity. The appeal also helps to support our efforts of outreach to those who have drifted away from the faith. Through the House of Charity we can extend our caring touch and welcome all into an experience of the love of the kingdom of God among us.

Just as Christ comforted the ill, blessed the children, embraced the outcast and prepared his followers for leadership, we have been called to do the same. Whenever people are in need, we can help to realize God’s kingdom, to actually manifest it in our lives and in our world.

Every dollar you give to the House of Charity Bishop’s Annual Appeal reaches organizations and charities that are building the kingdom of God in our own community.

For additional information or assistance with donations, please contact our parish office, 609-390-0664.

I thank you for considering this ministry of our church

Monsignor Peter Joyce