April 12, 2015 – A View from the Rectory Window


After the Easter Masses this past Sunday, I went to my parents for a meal and to visit with my sisters, my brother and their families. I congratulated my mother for how well she kept her Lenten fast from sweets throughout the entirety of Lent. And then she confessed (even on Easter Sunday afternoon I couldn’t get away from work). She told me she hadn’t avoided sweets the entire forty days because she said she was allowed to eat them on Sunday’s during Lent. When I asked her show she rationalized this, she explained that because Sunday is the day we are to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection there should be no fasting. She also added that when you include the Sundays there are more than forty days in Lent and you only have to fast for forty. My mother is either a great theologian or she will find any way to rationalize her addiction to sweets.

As we now enter into the Easter Season, I have to admit that she may be the true theologian in our family.

For Easter isn’t one day. The Easter season is the “Great Fifty Days” from Easter to Pentecost. It is a week of weeks — seven sevens, 49 days, plus a 50th. The first 40 days commemorate the time between Jesus’ resurrection and the ascension (see Acts 1:3), and the last 10 days commemorate the time from the ascension to the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles on the first Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4).

And every Sunday we do celebrate Easter. While many may have put away their fancy new Easter dress and their bunny decorations and others have concluded their Easter egg hunts and fulfilled their obligation to attend an Easter Sunday service we continue to recognize at every Mass the presence of the Risen Lord.

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And so I encourage you to enjoy the sweets and keep the center of your rejoicing on the fact that Christ is indeed risen from the dead and that the joys of eternity can begin now, in advance, for we place our hopes and trust in Jesus, the King of Mercy who promises to bring us to our home where the season of Easter never ceases.

Fr. Pete