April 26, 2015 – A View from the Rectory Window

This coming Saturday, May 2 the following young ladies and gentlemen will receive their First Holy Communion:

2015 First Communion Names

I am so grateful to their parents, to our catechists, and to Mrs. Wurtz and Mrs. Bross for all their efforts in preparing these, our children, for this wondrous day in their lives.

I cannot help but wonder what this day would mean not only for these children, but for our entire parish family, if we also made an equal attempt to emphasize what will happen after they have received their First Holy Communion.

What if we said to them; “Now, when you receive this, something is going to happen to the way you think about people. Once you receive the body of the Lord, you will no longer think about the people around you as rich or poor. You will not look at your friends differently because they are Anglo or Hispanic and you will not judge people as good or bad. All will belong to the body of Christ. When you receive the body of the Lord, something happens.”

Imagine the effect this would have on them.

After your own reception of the body of the Lord, I invite you to join us:

  • Following the 9:30 Mass next Sunday, May 3, with our First Holy Communicants, for the May Crowning at the Shrine of the Blessed Mother at the Church of the Resurrection.
  • Following the May Crowning, for hospitality in the parish pavilion.
  • On Thursday, April 30, in the extension of the Church of the Resurrection, for an open Parish Council Meeting where you are invited to observe and make observations that affect the life of our parish.

Fr. Pete