August 9, 2015 – A View from the Rectory Window


“The soul offers to the Immaculate Mother Mary its own acts of love not as her complete and exclusive property, since it understands that the Immaculate then offers to Jesus these acts as if they were her own, which means that she offers them without stain, immaculate; Jesus, then, offers them to the Father.”
― St. Maximilian Kolbe, Let Yourself Be Led by the Immaculate

I recall my arrival to our parish on May 10, 2011. I think I remember this date so well because the parish staff goes into mourning each year on the anniversary of this date. When a pastor arrives at a parish the first thing he looks to see is the parish church. On that day, when I went into the church, I brought a bouquet of flowers to place in front of the Blessed Mother statue.

On Monday, July 13, as we began our parish retreat entitled, “33 Days to Morning Glory” which will conclude on August 14, the Feast Day of Saint Maximilian Kolbe I looked at a church full with our parishioners. I knew at that moment that this gathering was a much greater ‘bouquet’ brought to our Blessed Mother.

On this retreat we have been invited to rely on Mary’s intercession, experiencing her care, speaking to her from our hearts, letting ourselves be led by her, and having recourse to her in all things and trusting her completely. On this same retreat, Saint Maximilian Kolbe has spoken to us, “ . . . our little, little mother, the Immaculate Mary, can do anything for us. We are her children. Turn to her. She will overcome everything.”

This Friday, when we celebrate our Feast Day as the Parish of Saint Maximilian Kolbe I will think back to that Tuesday when I presented my little gift before Our Lady. In these intervening years I know I could never have ever imagined all that, “. . . our little, little mother, would do for [me]” in and through you. How often I fail to thank you for the goodness, inspiration, encouragement and generosity that you have shown me. I am humbled and grateful to journey with you.

On Friday I will lift not flowers that whither and fade, but you, in all your glory, before Our Blessed Mother. I will pray that you and those you love will be confident of Mary’s intercession, experience her care and being led by her that you may have recourse to her in all things, trusting in her completely.

May our Immaculate Mother Mary and Saint Maximilian Kolbe pray for us ensuring that we will always be a beautiful offering to Our Lord and Savior.

Fr. Pete