December 11, 2016 – A View from the Rectory Window

This weekend we are halfway through our four-week journey that leads to Christmas.  It is a good moment to ask if we have prepared differently than the simple cultural preparations for Christmas.  That doesn’t mean we refrain from buying presents for those we love, or preparing for celebrations with family and friends.  But have we also embraced an added dimension to our preparations for Christmas?  Have we been drawn into a vision of God’s kingdom that is both comforting and challenging?

We began the season by looking forward to His coming again – at the end of our own lives and at the end of the world when our place in His Kingdom will be made definitive.  And now we will make immediate preparations for the celebration of Jesus coming among us long ago.

In this transition, we are challenged by the fundamental question of Advent: What will our place (and the place of those we love) be in His Kingdom?  Another way to hear this question is:  What is the brokenness (sin) in our lives that needs to be faced, be repented of and healed now so that we might know the promise of that first Christmas – “And behold, you shall name Him Jesus because he will save His people from their sins”?

And so, to be drawn into this beautiful and comforting vision that God has prepared for us, I encourage you to join us at our Advent Penance Service on December 13 and to adore “the Word who becomes flesh” in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.