February 18, 2018 A View from the Rectory Window

On Sunday, March 4, the Feast of Saint Casimir, I invite everyone to an 11am Mass at our beautiful and humble Church of Saint Casimir in Woodbine.

I believe Saint Casimir has a particular relevance to the events of our lives today.  Born, the son of the King of Poland, entrusted with leadership of the King’s army, and heir to the Kingdom of Poland, Saint Casimir saw through the superficiality and      corruption of political life.  Throughout his short life—he died at the age of 26—he     dedicated himself wholly to the service of God and of his fellow-men. His love for the poor was immense.  He was also renowned for his devotion to the Eucharist and to the Blessed Virgin.

In our times, Saint Casimir’s life and legacy poses the question about which kingdom we will entrust our lives and the lives of those we love.  We are one parish family, united in service to God and one another, please join us for this Mass and Feast.

Saint Casimir Church which was dedicated on February 1, 1939, maintains a legacy of the Polish community and is enlivened by our Hispanic sisters and brothers who worship with us.  Following the Mass, we will enjoy        fellowship and ethnic foods representative of our Polish, Spanish and American parishioners.  In order to prepare, I ask you to sign up in the vestibules of our churches or call the office (609) 390-0664.

I ask that if you can, to bring a dessert of your choosing, that we who share from the bounty of the Eucharist may return this blessing to one another.  See you at this Feast!

Fr. Pete