Bereavement Group

“Who will hold the hand of those who grieve for a loved one lost?”

This very special Ministry is in the process of being redesigned to include many additional aspects of caring for our bereaved during the time of their loss and supporting their needs during the time of their healing. If you feel called to this Ministry, please contact the Parish Office with your contact information, (609) 390-0664.

Charismatic Prayer Group – Contact: Barbara Muller, (609) 390-4449 – Meet every Wednesday, 7pm, Resurrection Church, Room 3.

Centering Prayer Group – Contact: Barbara Herr, (609) 390-0664 – Meet every Tuesday, 8am, Saint Casimir Church, (in church).

Divine Mercy Prayer Group – Contact: Ed Thomas, (609) 861-0617 – Meet every Wednesday, 7pm Resurrection Church (in church).