January 24, 2016 – A View From the Rectory Window


There are many challenges to raising a child in today’s world with regular acts of terrorism, social media threats, and the increasingly intense competition on the playing fields and in the classroom for our young people. Many generations of parents have faced adversity as they raised children during the Great Depression, various wars, and times of social unrest. A fact that hasn’t changed, however, is that for hundreds of years Catholic education has helped families teach children values.

Next week, beginning January 31, we will celebrate the attributes of Catholic education throughout the United States during Catholic Schools Week 2016. Public school districts are thankful for the relief in tax dollars created by private schools. Based on the average public school cost of $10,652 per student, Catholic schools provide a savings of nearly $21 billion for U.S taxpayers. Parents are thankful for an education that is faith-based and in which learning to pray is part of the culture. Students are thankful for a second home that provides a caring and scholarly community built around faith. National statistics show that 99.4 percent of Catholic secondary school students graduate and 84.9 percent go on to college.

In the midst of the challenges posed to parents every day, students in Catholic schools are reminded of values about how to be Christ like, how to bring those values into their community, and how to lead with those values when they graduate.

Students graduate with a moral compass entrenched in a sense of integrity, having learned to relate with God through prayer, sacrament, service, and personal relationships. The Catholic School graduate will embrace cultural, economic, and spiritual diversity in life as she or he enters the world as a future leader in our global society. Next week, we will celebrate the value of Catholic education based in a faith community. “Community is at the heart of all Catholic education, not simply as a concept to be taught, but as a reality to be lived. . . . Your students will learn to understand and appreciate the value of community as they experience love, trust, and loyalty in your school and educational programs, and as they learn to trust all persons as brothers and sisters created by God and redeemed by Christ,” said Pope John Paul II.

Thank you to all who have chosen to support Catholic education.

Father Pete

Catholic School

The weekend of January 30/31 is the kickoff to Catholic Schools week. In anticipation of this week, a special collection will be taken which will benefit the Catholic elementary schools of the Diocese of Camden.

If you picked up an envelope this weekend at Mass, in support of these Catholic schools, please return your donation next weekend, January 30/31, by placing your envelopes into the collection baskets at the time of the first collection at any of the Masses.

This is the first collection of its kind and will directly underwrite the cost of providing catholic education. As Pope Francis has told us, “as Catholics we have a moral imperative to support catholic education.” This collection will thereby benefit both the schools themselves as well as families looking to make Catholic education a possibility for their children.

Please consider giving generously

Thank You!