July 14, 2013 A View from the Rectory Window

Does it feel to you like summer has only just begun?

And yet, doesn’t it seem like end of summer obligations are beginning to encroach into our thoughts? Before we concede days of vacation and recreation, I ask you to consider and save the following dates:

This year, July 22 – 26 from 9am to 12:15pm our Parish is a Kingdom of excitement as we visit Kingdom Rock, a special Vacation Bible School (VBS) program created especially for children entering K – 5th grades in September. Adult and middle school students can volunteer to help make our Vacation Bible School a big success! Please call Agnes Bross at 390-2203 to volunteer. You may obtain a registration form for Vacation Bible School at 2013 VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL Regis and return it to the Religious Education Office.

On Wednesday, August 14, at a 6pm Mass on the beach in Strathmere, our parish family will celebrate our annual Feast Day in honor of Saint Maximilian Kolbe. Please join us. On this day:

• We will begin with the celebration of Mass at 6pm.

• In tribute to Saint Maximilian Kolbe’s devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary we will follow Mass with a traditional Blessing of the Sea in honor of the Feast of the Assumption. You may recall that last year I was fated to the dunk tank. I am hoping the lifeguard who takes me into the ocean this year will not feel the same need as you did to dunk the pastor.

• We will conclude a parish novena to the Immaculate Mary which we will have begun the preceding week.

• We will draw the names of the five 50/50 winners from our parish raffle.

• The parish will supply the food that befits a beach gathering.

• There will be entertainment; that which is provided by the parish and that which will be provided by you.

• It is my hope that we will celebrate a year of grace in the life of our parish family. I believe anew that we stand at a privileged moment in the life of our parish. On our Feast Day, we can recall with gratitude the year, the faith and the goodness of those who have touched our lives in the past year; we can give thanks that following a long and involved merger process that our parish is not only intact, but is in fact stronger because of the diversity and gifts we bring to one another; and we can recommit ourselves to follow the example of our patron Saint Maximilian Kolbe and bear witness to the faith that will be the foundation of future generations.

I thank you for all you have done on behalf of our parish family. May Saint Maximilian Kolbe and the Immaculate Mary intercede for us all.

Monsignor Peter M. Joyce