July 28, 2013 View from the Rectory Window

Thank you to the Knights of Columbus of Saint Casimir /Monsignor Ervin Council for their renovation to our church’s steeple. I believe this renovation reflects not only the restoration of an element of the church’s building, but a commitment and witness to the centrality of our faith.

Consider that the steeple’s main purpose is to make the church visible from any part of a town. The steeple was built to be the tallest structure in town, clearly there for all to see and be reminded of the Church’s importance in their lives. Steeples also housed bells that were used for a variety of functions, both secular and religious. Bells let clergy members know when to perform certain ceremonies, when to fast and when to pray. Townspeople were informed of
services as well as potential dangers, such as an approaching army or a fire. The height of the steeple essentially allowed the bells within it to transmit sound loudly and clearly to all parts of the town, ensuring effective communication. The steeple also often acted as a lantern to light the town and the center of the church.

The main symbolic purpose of the steeple is, of course, related to the nature of a church itself as a symbol of the divine and place of worship for the faithful. The steeple is meant to act like a hand, reaching into the sky to touch the heavens themselves. As with many other religious structures, such as ancient ziggurats and pyramids, the steeple is built high to remind followers of how the religious order goes beyond the everyday reality of the earth, and shares something with the transcendent.

Help Needed:

In order to ensure that our faith tradition remains integral and vibrant in the lives of our younger parishioners, Agnes Bross and I ask you to consider serving as a catechist. Our young people need catechists for the following grade levels and times:

Sunday – 10:45am -Noon, 1st and 3rd grades
Sunday – 6pm – 7:15pm, 7th grade
Monday – 4pm – 5:15pm, 2nd, 4th and 5th grades
Monday – 5:45 – 7pm, 6th grade
Monday – 7:15pm – 8:30pm, 6th grade
Tuesday – 4:00 – 5:15pm, 2nd grade

Perhaps you have considered in the past, offering your gifts to this ministry and service to the Church. Now is not the time to leave it for someone else – we need you. Perhaps you are concerned that you do not know more about our faith than a 3rd grader – we will provide you with materials that will enable you to shine in your children’s eyes. If you are interested in assisting us, or obtaining more information, please call Agnes Bross at the Religious Education Office
390-2203, or me at the Parish Office 390-0664.

Feast Day Mass and celebration:

If you are planning on attending our annual Feast Day Mass in honor of Saint Maximilian Kolbe
On Wednesday, August 14, at a 6pm Mass on the beach in Strathmere, please let us know at the parish office so we can ensure you will be well and happily fed!

Monsignor Peter M. Joyce