July 31, 2016 – A View From the Rectory Window

VBS Bulletin

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2016 was a huge success!  In five days of spelunking through dark caves with Jesus as their light our children discovered ways to follow Him each and every day.  Thank you and congratulations to Agnes Bross for organizing such a wonderful week for our youth.  You did a great job, Agnes!

Thank you to Mary Wurtz for, among so many other things, keeping the PREP Office intact all week.

Thanks to David Wurtz, Tim Williams, George Bross, Bob Wurtz and Michael Wurtz who helped provide the caves for our young men and women to explore.

Thanks to the following adults who assisted Mrs. Bross throughout the week:  Nancy Williams, Alanna Palombo, Denise Cisternino, Linda O’Gorman, Rebecca Bross, Jessica Mruz, Connee Kennedy, MaryLou Leigh, Paula Dalessandro, Jean McGonigle, Aylif Quinn, Peggy Dougherty, Julie Mullan and Jacob Williams.

Thanks to the Crew Leaders:  Julia Knopp, Emily Smith, Isabella Pero, Evan Leeds, Sonny DeFranco, Sara Anton, Jessica Raab, Jada Nagle, Megan Kelly, Gabe McCormick, Eddie Pearce, Lauren Knopp, Alia Troxel, Carly Dougherty, Alexis Chopek, Kevin Sakers, Tyler Williams, Mya Rihl, Maura Dougherty, Evan Troxel, Rosalie Graham, Eamon Joyce, Marissa Sampson, Abby Wasacz, Jeffrey Warf, Thomas Barry, and Nick George.

Thanks to the Leader Assistants:  Logan Avena, Madison Avena, Julie Fumo, Emily Sack, Leah Williams, Hannah Stanks, Kevin Catanoso, Dean Kolonich, Luke Moncman, Colin Good, and Dan Bowersock.

Father Pete

Please see the VBS pictures on parish facebook page https://www.facebook.com/StMaximilianKolbeParishMarmoraNj/!