June 16, 2019 – A View from the Rectory Window

Happy Father’s Day

As we are aware, fatherhood is a divine gift that is also a vocation of love manifested in a complete giving of self. As with any vocation, fatherhood is fundamentally not about the father himself, but about how he relates to others: as protector, defender and sanctifier of his family.

This notion of fatherhood as a divine vocation finds wonderful expression in the teaching of Pope Francis who wrote in “The Joy of Love” that “The love of parents is the means by which God our Father shows his own love.” The Holy Father goes on to write, a parent’s “selfless and loving service” is “a sign of the free and selfless love of Jesus.”

But can God’s quiet presence truly be recognized in the rush, confusion and even chaos of ordinary family life? Pope Francis seemed aware of this question when he wrote that “no family drops down from heaven, perfectly formed; families need constantly to grow and mature in the ability to love. This is a never-ending vocation.”

The Holy Father did not want parents and families to be discouraged by their imperfections. Contemplating “the fulfillment that (they) have yet to attain” allows families “to see in proper perspective the historical journey” they are making, he sought to assure them.

In a special way I write to acknowledge and ask God’s blessings on our fathers who lead, protect and defend us on our journey to eternal life with Christ.


Speaking of “the rush, confusion and even chaos of ordinary family life” – I ask your patience for the next several months as our parish family experiences some ‘chaos’ during the construction of our Parish/Community Center.

In particular, you will discover that portions of our parking lot will have restricted access for construction vehicles. We have made plans to utilize the field on the corner of the Church of the Resurrection campus for parking. I ask you to be courteous and to follow the layout of parking to ensure the safety of our parishioners.


To give you the grace to get through these next several months, I encourage you to mark your calendars for the Parish Mission on Tuesdays; July 16, July 30 and August 6 leading up to our Parish Feast Day Celebrations on August 14, 5:00 pm, Strathmere Beach.


And if you really want to celebrate on our Parish Feast Day, don’t forget to get your parish raffle tickets. With the raffle packets ‘on the street’, we are already halfway to our goal.

Thank you for all you do for our parish family. It is my greatest blessing to celebrate my own vocation of ‘father’ with you,

Fr. Pete