June 2, 2019 – A View From the Rectory Window

Welcome home. At the Parish Family of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, we are better when we are together. My experience has been that the summer is a ‘weird’ time in the life of a parish family. During the summer, parishioners usually take week long vacations or shoot off for weekend getaways (even though we are the weekend getaway). Church attendance among the ‘regulars’ may grow sparse every now and then even though this is hidden due to the influx of the extended family who join us each summer. Admittedly, summertime has a different rhythm than other parts of the year. Here is the danger; it becomes very easy to let faith, parish and personal spiritual life vacation during the summer months.

My hope is that at the Parish Family of Saint Maximilian Kolbe this summer will be an occasion for spiritual growth and greater awareness of the mission entrusted to us by God. While some parishes may slim down the schedule for church life during the summer, clearly this will not be the case for our parish family. And so I invite you to be part of our parish’s ongoing works of charity for our sisters and brothers in need, to participate in days/nights of prayer groups, bible study and other forms of prayers, to be with our younger women and men in Vacation Bible School, to be part of the parish Feast Day celebrations on August 14, and to participate in the sacramental life of the Church –most particularly the Mass.

Fr. Pete