May 24, 2015 A View from the Rectory Window

Pentecost, Memorial Day Weekend, the ‘unofficial’ beginning of summer. I believe the observance of these holidays (holydays) can become an opportunity for our Church to recognize its identity and reflect its greater influence in the broader community. For example, consider how, without pastoral guidance, people are often left on their own to find a meaningful way to commemorate this national holiday.

But the Church, born on Pentecost, is not a group of individuals who are left to their own. The Church is not a closed community, but a community thrown wide open — to all the nations “even to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). Those who enter this community through Baptism become, by virtue of the Holy Spirit of truth, witnesses of the Good News and are ready to pass it on to others. It is therefore a dynamic, apostolic community, the Church “in a state of mission.”

This weekend, I ask us to consider our mission as a Church to be intentional about the way we approach Memorial Day in order to make this national holiday as meaningful and as it ought to be. Prayer, service, sacrifice, “In remembrance of Him” is the Church’s mission that honors the service and sacrifice of others.

Father Pete