November 29, 2015 A View From the Rectory Window

Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy

December 8, 2015– November 20, 2016


Pope Francis speaks frequently of his desire for us to know the mercy of God and for us to show this mercy to others; he asks us to be beacons of mercy to those we know and to the stranger.

How might you define mercy?

At its essence, mercy is love in action. Pope Francis wrote, “Mercy [is]: the bridge that connects God and man, opening our hearts to the hope of being loved forever despite our sinfulness.’ The Holy Father goes on to say that our salvation depends on how we practice mercy in our daily lives.

How might we practice mercy?

There will be many events throughout the Jubilee of Mercy intended to make mercy visible, palpable and truly meaningful. Throughout the year, you will find information here in our bulletin each week highlighting events in Rome, the Diocese and our own parish. And, this will also be the place to find information on topics with which we may not be familiar…plenary indulgences, Holy Door openings, pilgrimages, etc.

In case you have a burning desire to learn more and simply cannot wait for your weekly ‘Mercy Corner’, here are some resources that will help you learn and prepare for this gift that is before us.


The Diocese of Camden website


Free App:

Our Sunday Visitors’s 365 Days to Mercy Free App.

Letter from Pope Francis on the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy

And, for this week, here are some things with which we will all become more familiar:

Corporal Works of Mercy                                              Spiritual Works of Mercy

– Feed the Hungry                                                                – Counsel the Doubtful

– Give drink to the thirsty                                   – Comfort the Sorrowful

– Clothe the Naked                                                              – Admonish the Sinner

– Shelter the Homeless                                                        – Instruct the Ignorant

– Visit the Sick                                                      – Bear Wrongs Patiently

– Visit the Imprisoned                                                         – Forgive All Injuries

– Bury the Dead                                                                   – Pray for Living & Dead