November 5, 2017 – A View from the Rectory Window

Through the generous commitment of over 285 families, to date, the Capital Campaign has advanced to the point where I am enthused to announce we are in the process of making plans to move into the architectural/planning/construction phase.

More than a building, we are building up the Body of Christ, providing a welcoming home for our parishioners, our community and the future of a parish family that will also be our legacy in faith.

We have entered the final month of our Capital Campaign. Before this opportunity passes, I ask you to join us. It is my greatest desire, not to build buildings, but to unite a community in a common purpose that reflects our gratitude to God for all that is ours. Our Lord promised that if two could agree what to ask for in His name, it would surely be granted to them by His Father (Mt. 18:19). Imagine, what could be accomplished if, as an entire parish family, we committed to this common goal.

Our Parish family of Saint Maximilian Kolbe is a vibrant, diverse, and growing parish that nurtures and serves those who come to us without distinction. We are blessed to have many ministries, over four hundred students in our Religious Education program, a growing number of weddings and baptisms each year, and thousands using our churches and facilities every week. Our facilities are used to provide food for the hungry and the Eucharist for our souls, we provide clothing for those without and we clothe our children through baptism in the promise of immortality. We counsel those who are lost, grieving and searching and we ourselves are strengthened by the Word of God. In our facilities are experienced community for those who are alone and those who seek to belong – young or advanced in life’s journey. Furthermore, our doors are opened to many groups within the community such as AA meetings, youth events, Easter Seals, and so much more!

My invitation is not about the size of your gift, it is about your gifting us by your support. I ask your support. Please join us in this defining moment in the life of our parish.

If you have any questions in this regard, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Fr. Pete