October 20, 2019 – A View from the Rectory Window

I write to ask for your guidance regarding The House of Charity – Bishop’s Annual Appeal that seeks to raise funds to provide care, respect, justice, peace and dignity for every soul in the Diocese of Camden.

I am encouraged to report that since 2012, our parish census indicates that every year there has been an increase in registered families. At the same time, the number of donors to The House of Charity – Bishop’s Annual Appeal reflects a recent decline in participation:

2012 – 257 donors

2013 – 289 donors

2014 – 250 donors

2015 – 291 donors

2016 – 254 donors

2017 – 242 donors

2018 – 184 donors

2019 – 150 donors (to date)

As you may recall, when I introduced the 2019 The House of Charity – Bishop’s Annual Appeal, I had requested that a greater number of families participate in this effort. At that time, I stressed that the amount pledged was not my focus but rather that we participate in this endeavor as an expression of faith.

To this point, I return to my continued expressions of my profound gratitude to you for your generous support of time and treasure to our parish family. We need only look at the campuses of the Church of the Resurrection and Saint Casimir, to the overwhelming services of outreach to those in need and to the development of services and community we have created in our parish family. I repeat, I am humbled and encouraged daily by your goodness and aspire to respond in equal manner as your pastor.

And so I ask you to fill out the anonymous survey attached below that will help me and the parish council discern how best to continue to serve the members of our parish family and the people of God entrusted to our care. I ask you to fill out this document, drop it off at the parish office or in the Sunday collection.

Gratefully, Fr. Pete