September 15, 2013 A View from the Rectory Window

=How do we live and share our Catholic Faith? Pope Benedict XVI said, “Lay people . . . should not be regarded as ‘collaborators’ of the clergy, but, rather, as people who are really ‘co-responsible’ for the Church’s being and acting”. A healthy self-examination may prove to be helpful:

  • Do our decisions reflect our relationship to Christ? Is that connection clear to us? If not, it is difficult for it to be clear to others.
  • Do we realize, as Pope Benedict XVI has said, that real love of neighbor also desires to give them the deepest thing they need, namely, knowledge and truth? This is why we are called to seek opportunities to share our faith.
  • Have we prayed to the Holy Spirit to renew our faith and give us understanding and courage to share our faith?

At the 9:30am Mass in Church of the Resurrection, we will bless our parish catechists; Mrs. Sherry Jurasinski and Ms. Ellen Pfeifle will speak about how the ‘Door of Faith’ was opened for them. For those who cannot attend this Mass, the text of their reflection follows:

I had many little introductions that helped lead me to the faith I have now. When I was in grade school, two people in particular steered me toward Jesus: my maternal grand-mother, who brought me to Sunday school at the Methodist Church each week, and my Aunt Anne, who took me with her in the summers to Vacation Bible School at the Church of Christ. Both were faith-filled women, and I was not particularly close to either one at the time. Reflecting back, it’s kind of funny the influence they both had on my relationship with Jesus. Years later, when I went away to college, the same Aunt Anne would write to me, checking in to see if I was continuing my journey of faith. I was not; and her letters served as a gentle reminder that I should be. My college roommates were all Catholic, and soon I was attending Mass with them on Sunday evenings. After college, I met my husband Craig, who was a practicing Catholic, and we would attend Mass together. He eventually became my RCIA sponsor the year before we got married—almost twenty years ago.    Sherry Jurasinski

We are all called on to open the doors of faith by our words and actions, every day. I feel blessed that I have been able to continue my religious education by working in our CCD classes here. It is easy to talk about faith and God and Jesus – everything that we believe — here.

I want to thank those who open the doors of faith in the wider world – or at least Upper Township Middle School.

When I was there, Mr. Paone – a math teacher – and his wife started a chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. When it started out, there were usually a dozen or so of us and we’d say a prayer, work a lesson together, have a snack and play dodge ball. It was fun; it reminded us that we weren’t the only kids walking around trying to do right by God.

Last year, I understand, about 75 kids were attending each Friday.

I am grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Paone for opening the door of faith by way of an afterschool club at the Upper Township Middle School.   Ellen Pfeifle

While many parishes commission only those who serve in the catechetical ministry on Catechetical Sunday, we will all be invited to reflect on how we can spread the Gospel in parishes, schools and homes.

Monsignor Peter M Joyce