September 20, 2015 A View from the Rectory Window

Catechetical Sunday Catechetical Sunday

On Sunday, September 20, 2015 during the 9:30am Mass we join with all the parishes across the United States in celebrating Catechetical Sunday.  This year’s theme is ‘Safeguarding the Dignity of Every Human Person.” 

This theme reminds us that the dignity of each human person rests in the     biblical teaching (Gen 1:26-27) that she or he is made in God’s image and  likeness. It also reminds us that we the baptized need to actively support and protect others from all sorts of harm, cherishing human life from the moment of conception to a natural death.

I ask you to join with me during this Mass to pray with and give thanks for our catechists in the Parish Religious Education Program who affirm and nurture the beautiful God given dignity of the young men and women entrusted to our care.



Thank youVolunteer Appreciation Sunday

The parish staff and I were able to identify at least 420 volunteers who throughout the year serve the dignity of every person entrusted to our care!  I believe at times your good works and generosity may appear to go unnoticed because they are so humbly given.  They are not unnoticed by me and the parish staff and we look forward to this opportunity to express our gratitude.

On Sunday afternoon, October 4, I invite you and your spouse to an Open House at “L’s” Restaurant in Corbin City, for food, beverages and each other’s company.  I ask you to join with me and the staff so that we may thank you in person for all you do.

In order to give our host at “L’s” an appropriate head count we ask that you sign up at the entrance to our churches or call the rectory (609) 390-0664.

Father Pete