September 7, 2014 A View from the Rectory Window

I thank Pastoral Council members Carol Ann Allen, Leah Kornberg and Ellen Pfeifle for their invaluable service to our parish family these past two years. As a newly-formed Council, one third of the present pastoral council will serve a three-year, a two-year and a one-year term, respectively. Carol Ann, Leah and Ellen have served a two-year term in order to establish an eventual council with members serving a three-year term.

The present Pastoral Council was instrumental in assisting with much of the direction of our parochial life this past year; such as, the Feast Day celebration on the beach, past and future renovations to our churches and initiatives for pastoral outreach. You can read about these efforts in greater detail in the Pastoral Council Minutes found on our parish website at

I consider the Pastoral Council as integral to the life and direction of our parish, and I trust that I have always sought to act in accord with their guidance. I now invite anyone willing to serve a three-year term on the Pastoral Council to come to a Discernment Meeting on September 11 at 7pm in the Church of the Resurrection Extension. At this meeting three new members for the Pastoral Council will be identified.

This will also be a working Pastoral Council meeting and all parishioners are welcome.


The work of the Pastoral Council is to consider, plan and recommend ways for the parish to accomplish the mission of Christ. For me, the Pastoral Council is a strategic element of our parish that keeps us focused on our divine purpose. It is a consultative body that is charged with prayerfully discerning parish needs, setting pastoral priorities, and empowering people to participate in the mission of Christ. In attempting to foster parish vitality, I work with the Pastoral Council in careful investigation, prayerful consideration and consensual recommendations.

I find it noteworthy that each member of the present Pastoral Council has voiced the sentiment that he/she desired to remain on the council as some initial terms expired. I thank Marge DeFoney, Craig Jurasinski, Peg Kroeger, Jacquie Olansen, Annette Sherby, and Bill Zipparo for their continued generosity to our parish.


Please consider this essential work of our parish.

Father Pete