September 9, 2017 – A View from the Rectory Window

This week, many of our young women and men are going back to school. For me, it is a wonderful time to reunite with the students and families of Bishop McHugh Regional Catholic School and our Parish Religious Education Program. For me, the separation anxiety is experienced when our young women and men become absorbed in summer’s rhythms.

Soon, our classrooms will be filled with the energy of catechists and students growing in knowledge of God and His love for us.

It is good to remember that for all of us, the spiritual life is a constant learning experience. We are dealing with the infinite when dealing with God and so, there is always room for growth. We can never say that there is no more to learn on our spiritual journey.

Consider FORMED, a wonderful website made available for everyone in our parish, young and less young, to grow in knowledge and understanding of the treasures of our Catholic Faith. Entertaining movies, enlightening programs, inspiring talks, and a great selection of popular ebooks — all just a click away.

It is easy for you to enjoy your subscription to FORMED, to register, go to: You can also enjoy great video and audio wherever you go by downloading the FREE FORMED app.
Father Pete