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Saint Maximilian Kolbe

Feast Day

Mass and Celebration

Sunday, August 14  4-8 pm

Our Feast Day celebration will take place at Church of the Resurrection in Marmora.  Join us at 4:00 pm for Sunday Mass and Consecration for  33 Days to Merciful Love.

Live music will begin at 5:00 pm while dinner is served.  Again, we will be asking attendees to provide yummy desserts to share with others.  With the Summer Olympic Games in Rio, scheduled to take place next month, our parish organizers decided to celebrate this Olympic Theme.  Our own “summer games” will begin at 5:45 pm. With an evening of music, food, desserts and games, a good time will be had by all, including 5 Special Winners from our 50/50 Parish Raffle whose tickets will be drawn at 7:00 pm.

Scheduled Olympic Games

Water Balloon Toss

3-Legged Race

Watermelon Eating Contest





A Message from Deacon Santos

Deacon.Jose.FredDear Parish Family,

I write to you and on behalf of my wife Maribel, my daughter Anjelica, and my son A.J. Two years ago, we were transferred to our new parish and we were filled with mixed emotions. “Will they welcome us? Will we accomplish what our Bishop and mostly God wants us to do within five years?” We quickly felt like we were home. I met the most warm and inviting people and took pleasure in sharing the word of God with everyone I met. In so many ways, Saint Maximilian Kolbe Parish taught me to cast the net even farther when it came to my assignment as a deacon and my family even learned to be a bilingual choir. You welcomed me and my family with open arms and I thank you. We shared so much together and became one large family–one large diverse family in the Lord. We praised and worshipped together with the choir who sang beautiful bilingual songs, we celebrated many sacraments, and we connected to share the mission and vision of our Lord Jesus Christ. Together, we have made great strides, but much more needs to be done in fulfilling God’s mission. Although my time here has come to an end, I and my family have had the privilege of being of service to you and we love all of you sincerely. I have been assigned to serve at the Parish of St. Claire of Assisi in Swedesboro, NJ. Please pray for us as we are sent on another journey to humbly and obediently serve God’s people. I want to thank you Monsignor Peter Joyce and your wonderful staff for all of your support, dedication, attention, and receptiveness to our assignment in this parish. I also want to thank the kindness and support of Fr. William Bleiler who served at St. Casimir church with me, Jose and Iluminada Santiago for your undying support and always working so hard for the Lord, Rick Rodriguez for always being at the service of the church, those who served in different ministries, and Bill Powell for helping me with the altar servers and being a great help in Woodbine and Millville. Thank you to the St. Casimir parishioners. You have become our extended family and we certainly enjoyed breaking bread with many of you. You all will forever be in our hearts and prayers. Lastly, I pray that you welcome Fr. Peter Idler who will continue the salvific mission of our Lord and continue to grow the church in the years ahead. My family and I will keep Fr. Idler in our prayers as he enters his new assignment.


May God bless you all,

Deacon Arnaldo, Maribel, Anjelica and A.J. Santos


Deacon farewell group

 June 26, 2016 – A View from the Rectory Window

Today, as I write, the first day of summer commences in a few hours.  I was thinking about the expression ‘summer break.’

I am not so sure.

Happily, in our parish family, much is still happening:

Goodbye Deacon Arnaldo Santos.  I sadly acknowledge Deacon Santos’ new assignment to the parish of Saint Gabriel the Archangel, Carneys Point.  At the same time, I recognize how this new assignment will be a great use of Deacon Santos’ immeasurable gifts and talents.  Deacon Arnaldo we are richer in so many ways for your time with us, you will be greatly missed and will be in the prayers of our parish family.

Welcome Father Peter Idler to our parish family as Part Time Parochial Vicar for Hispanic Ministry.  Fr. Idler comes to us from Saint Joachim, Bellmawr and Saint Rose of Lima, Haddon Heights.  I have known Fr. Idler to be a faithful, genuine and zealous priest.  Let us pray for Father Idler and his ministry among us.

Welcome visiting missionary, Father John Berchmans.  Father Berchmans will arrive the weekend of July 9/10 and speak about the programs, needs and concerns of his home Diocese of Kottar in Southern India.

‘33 Days to Merciful Love’ is being prepared in earnest.  Please do not miss out on an opportunity to experience this great occasion of grace in this Jubilee Year of Mercy.  While 33 Days to Morning Glory focused on four different saints, this retreat will consider St. Thérèse of Lisieux (‘The Little Flower’).  We will learn from this “Doctor of the Church”, how to follow her  ‘Little Way’ to Merciful love.

Vacation Bible School registrations are still being taken.  This year our young people will learn, “Jesus is the one who lights our way and gives hope for each new day.http://saintmaxkolbe.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/VBS-Registration-16.pdf

Saint Maximilian Kolbe Parish Feast on August 14 will have an ‘Olympic’ theme.  Preparations are being made to make this event memorable.

Our Parish Raffle has already collected $7,685 in our goal to $100,000.  Have you thought about what you would do with your $10,000 in winnings?

RCIA classes are forming.  If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, please contact the parish office, 390-0664.

. . . and yes, there is much more coming this summer – so stay tuned.  Summer ‘break’ in the Parish of Saint Maximilian Kolbe?  Happily, “No!”

Thanks for all you do for our parish family.

God bless,

Father Pete




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June 19, 2016 – A View from the Rectory Window

It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father” Pope St. John XXIII

I have had many conversations over the years with Catholic men about the challenges of raising kids in today’s world.  The discussions usually center on the bad cultural influences affecting our children, hectic schedules and well-intentioned desire to be better fathers.  After reflecting on these conversations I offer a few thoughts on the vocation of fatherhood that I believe translates to us all:

Surrender. We have to surrender on an ongoing basis to Christ for his will to be done in our lives. We are not in charge … as much as we want to be! St. Ignatius of Loyola once said: “Few souls understand what God would accomplish in them if they were to abandon themselves unreservedly to him and if they were to allow his grace to mold them accordingly.”

Be a person of Prayer. Our children will be much more likely to pray if we do. Work on developing a daily prayer routine.  Imagine the powerful influence we can have on our children if they see us on our knees in prayer.

Understand our true Vocation. For those blessed to be married and have children, recognize that helping our families get to heaven is our real vocation. Ask yourself: “Is my work serving my family? Or is my family serving my work?”

Invest Time. Children need our time.  For example, in the absence of a father’s time with his family, there are countless bad influences ready to take the place of a father and will guide his children in the wrong direction. I paraphrase author-theologian Scott Hahn, who wrote that in our modern age the father or mother who is willing to walk out of the office after forty hours in order to have more time with his/her family is the real hero.

Be Courageous. Christians are meant to stand out, not blend in. Blending in speaks to conforming so that our faith becomes part of the mainstream.  Sometimes we must stand out and against that part of our culture that is not true and life dignifying. These are difficult times, and we have a responsibility to love and defend Christ in order to be great role models for our families and our faith.

Love your Wives. Husbands must love and cherish their wives, plain and simple. Children will learn to love others by how they see Mom and Dad love each other. Fathers need to say, “I love you” to their wives and children as often as possible.  “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother,” so said Theodore Hesburgh.

Finally, look to the inspiring example of St. Joseph, patron saint of fathers, workers and the universal Church, for his obedience, humility, selflessness, courage and the love he showed to Mary and Jesus.  If we can emulate St. Joseph even a little each day, we will be that much closer to becoming the men and fathers we are called to be.

33 Day of Morning of Glory

33 MercyParish consecration to Divine Mercy

 in preparation for our        

Feast Day

  Sunday, August 14

 Church of the Resurrection Campus


July 11, 18, 25

 August 1, and 8



The stirring sequel to Father Michael Gaitley’s 33 Days to Morning Glory

published just in time for the Jubilee Year of Mercy!

Consider accepting your next invitation on your continuing journey to holiness and sainthood. This summer is a great opportunity to feed your soul, grow in your personal relationship with Jesus and develop a deeper understanding of the endless ocean of God’s mercy. In this Jubilee of Mercy, prayerfully consider this retreat in which we will learn from one of the great Doctors of the Church, St. Therese of Lisieux, and follow her ‘Little Way’ to Merciful Love. Our time together will focus on her spiritual teaching.

You will learn from her how to ask for Merciful Love, proclaim your intention to fight discouragement, to do  little things with great love, and be merciful to your neighbor in deed, word and prayer. You will commit to keep before your eyes your own weaknesses and sin, and trust your contrite heart will please the Lord. It is a great opportunity to come to truly know and believe in your heart the Lord can transform you into a saint.

Merciful love is what the world needs above all!

While the focus of this retreat is Thérèse, the retreat will address different subject matter each week. For week 1, we’ll focus on the backstory to Thérèse’s teaching, and it goes way back to the Garden of Eden, to the patriarch Abraham, and to Mary, the Mother of God. In the 2nd week, we will then explore Thérèse’s Little Way. During week 3, we dive deeper into her teaching on the Offering to Merciful Love. Then, week four, we will cover the topic of darkness as a bittersweet mystery in our own lives as well as in the life of St. Thérèse. During the final week we will review the main teachings of each week and then do final preparation for making the Offering to Merciful Love as a Divine Mercy consecration on St. Maximilian Kolbe’s Feast on Sunday, August 14th.

Continue the journey in this Jubilee of Mercy and know God’s endless Mercy.

Come! Be Holy!


2016 Raffle


Vacation Bible School

Registration forms can be found at http://saintmaxkolbe.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/VBS-Registration-16.pdf

Cave Quest 2

Volunteers Needed

Religious Ed

Volunteers Needed

Our program can always be strengthened.

 Join our religious education faculty as a catechist, assistant catechist, substitute, service team member, youth ministry, vacation bible school volunteer, project team member, or Children’s Liturgy of the Word.

You can make a difference in the faith of others.

If you wish to serve in this ministry in our parish please call Agnes Bross at 390-2203

Update on Patrick

Anj and Patrick have posted an update on Patrick’s progress since we ran his story in the parish bulletin. To view the update please visit their gofundme page at           https://www.gofundme.com/HealingPatrick?viewupdates=1&utm_source=internal&utm_medium=email&utm_content=cta_button&utm_campaign=upd_n

Become a member by registering your family.