August 4, 2013 A View from the Rectory Window

SIC beachAs you are aware by now, on Wednesday, August 14, at a 6pm Mass on the beach in Strathmere, our parish family will celebrate our annual Feast Day in honor of Saint Maximilian Kolbe. As I am aware by now, there are many questions about this celebration. I hope to respond to some by offering some answers to the frequently asked questions I have heard:

•Which beach in Strathmere, it’s a big beach ya know? 24 East Williams Avenue and the beach at the north end of Strathmere opposite the Deauville by the lifeguard stand.

•What do I bring? Your beach chair and sunblock. The parish is supplying the food, gifts and entertainment [part of the entertainment being a suspense
-will the lifeguards throw me overboard?; and a whodunit – which member of the parish staff bribed the lifeguards to throw me overboard?].

•Does this fulfill our obligation for the Feast of the Assumption Holy Day? Yes, and in addition, for those who cannot attend the Mass on the beach, there will be Masses celebrated at 7pm at both Saint Casimir Church and the Church of the Resurrection also on Wednesday evening, August 14th.

•What time should I be there? As you know by now, I try to begin Mass on time (some suggest I tend to begin early), so in light of limited parking, I encourage people to be there by 5:30pm.

•Speaking of parking, where can I park? Wherever you can find a spot legally on the streets which might be tight. For this reason, I encourage people to plan among themselves to meet at the parking lots at Saint Casimir Church and the Church of the Resurrection, perhaps around 5pm, and coordinate travelling together to the celebration.

•What happens if it rains? Mass will be celebrated at the Church of the Resurrection at 6pm with the festivities to follow.

•What is the latest date for turning in your 50/50 RAFFLE PACKAGES? The office personnel would like to have all PACKAGES back no later than Monday August 5th.On the other hand, I hope to keep on selling individual tickets right up through the weekend of August 10 and 11 (shh . . . don’t tell the staff).

•Rain? . . . no parking? . . . bugs? . . . sunburn? . . . and perfectly good churches in Woodbine and Marmora – what is Fr. Pete thinking? Right now I am wondering this myself!

What I am not wondering about, however, is how did last week’s Vacation Bible School fare! In one word, it was “fantastic”! Congratulations to Agnes Bross for organizing such a wonderful week of Vacation Bible School. You did a great job, Agnes!

Thank you to Mary Wurtz for, among so many other things, keeping the PREP Office intact all week.

Thanks to the following adults who assisted Mrs. Bross throughout the week: Becca Bross, Denise Cisternino, Paula Dalessandro, Jack Griffin, Erica Johns, Sherry Jurasinski, Connie Kennedy, Peg Kroger, Mary Lou Leigh, Diane Leo, Erin McGuigan, Jean McGonigle, Jessica Mruz, Dot Nagle, Nancy Williams, and Shelly Wurtz who assisted with classroom adventures, games, activities, set up, snacks and photography.

Thanks to George Bross, Debbie O’Brien, and Bob and David Wurtz who helped put the Kingdom together!

Thanks to the Crew Leaders; Rebecca Miles, Reese Bloomstead, Sara Anton, Molly McGonigle, Leah Williams, Megan Kelly, Kiersten Zoellner, Gina Schmidt, Ella Weigel, Rocco Cisternino, Amanda Schmidt, Hannah Stanks, Alexis Chopek and Rosalie Graham, for leading our young children in activities, adventures and games.

Thanks to the following youth who assisted the adults: Mikayla Gephart, Juannal Parral, Laura Burrows, William Atwood, Breanna Laverty (special effects and music), Dylan Peck, Bianca Cisternino, Joe Gallagher (Bible Adventure), Faith Jurasinski (kitchen), Erin McGuigan, Keith Larkin, Erica Johns (games), and for the photography, Carly Dougherty and Chris George. Please see the VBS pictures on the Parish website and the parish facebook !

Thank you all for making His ‘Kingdom Rock’ in our parish of Saint Maximilian Kolbe!

As you blessed our young people with the encouragement to “stand strong” in their faith, so too, may you know the fullness of God’s blessings.

May Saint Maximilian Kolbe and the Immaculate Mary intercede for us all.

Monsignor Peter M Joyce